Your Worst Nightmare (rp_ks_lova) wrote,
Your Worst Nightmare

Friends cut

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I made a HUGE friends cut right now. If you can't see the rest of my entries. You were cut.

I'm sorry, nothing personal, I just needed to do it.

If I never talked to you, I didn't know who you were, I didn't remember you. you didn't comment in my last post I made like 4 moths ago about Friend cutting. Yes, you were cut. I cut approximatly 100 of you. I did need to do a Friend cut. If I know who you are, I talk to you, I like you, then you did not get cut. Simple as that.
Maybe I made a mistake, so comment here, please! If you commented on the Friends cut post and I cut you, PLEASE tell me, I make mistakes! If you do know me and we've talked and I cut you, tell me and I'll judge.

If you think what I did was unfair or you want to call me a bitch or love or something, comment here. Whatever you want about this Friends Cut.



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