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What makes me excited for green? What makes it a YA lit book?

Hayley Anne Perkins’ writing is always a treat; it’s always something that stays in a memory collection. That is the key to a good book. To make it unforgettable. Hayley makes everything she writes, from a summary to a paragraph, unforgettable. It sticks with the memory of its reader and I believe that is the most amazing thing an author can do.

All I know about Green comes from the LJ community for the Metempsyche series and from Hayley’s official website; honestly, I have never been more excited for a book. You have a completely normal girl, Lindy, going into a journey. She discovers that her existence and the universe existence are the same one. That makes me want to read it, her self-discovery handled in that way. Not only that, but she meets a boy, Daniel, who is also something else, something especial and something she needs. A love story. A werewolf falls in love with a girl whose existence is the universe, it sounds so captivating. It is captivating, it makes it exciting.

I want to read this book ever since I first heard of it. It was in a comment in LiveJournal, Hayley had the summary, that was almost a year ago, I believe. I am so excited for it still and I am excited that a lot of people want to read it as much as I do, and that the ones that have love it. I am excited for everything that is the Metempsyche series.

Tribocharge confirmed all my expectations that had been building up. It’s written in such a pure and perfect way that you almost can’t believe it is all fantasy. My excitement for these series keeps building up, with Tribocharge and the small excerpts we get; they just keep on confirming how amazing this book is going to be.

Young people will be interested in Green because it handles natural and pure subjects that are completely identifiable, only it gives them surreal elements that give them more essence. When I think of a YA lit book I go to that same word, 'identifiable'. They are identifiable for Young Adults, and as I’d said, they stay in their memories; Hayley has the power to do that with Green.

Mythology, fantasy, love, natural problems  and fantastic problems combine to make this story a desirable one to read and I’m sure an amazing one once you read it.
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